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The Korobov “Barva-Terapevt” Phototherapy Apparatus Complex


Rehabilitation of patients, prevention and treatment of most of the human diseases are impossible without physiotherapeutic procedures.

The objective of the present work was to create a phototherapy apparatus complex with a maximum operation spectrum.

Analysis of the known physical factors used in physiotherapy shows that light is the most efficient, universal and safe factor for treating and preventing the most wide-spread human diseases.

The visible and the infra-red ranges of the spectrum intensify blood and lymph microcirculation, normalize the immune system, the endocrine system and the central nervous system.

At present luminescent and halogen lamps, lasers and light diodes are used as light sources in apparatuses for phototherapy.

While choosing a light source for phototherapy apparatuses, one should not overestimate the role of the specific qualities of the source itself (e.g. small spectrum width, polarization and high degree of laser radiation coherence); instead one should mainly take into account whether the light source radiation spectrum complies with the absorption spectrum of the biological object exposed to the light.

We have developed the “Barva-Terapevt” phototherapy apparatus complex which uses light emitting diodes as the sources of light. The complex includes over 50 apparatuses and their modifications. It could be subdivided into 5 groups of apparatuses: photon matrixes, photon masseurs, photon probes, polychrome ultra-violet-free solaria, hydrophoton apparatuses.

Photon matrixes are normally used together with magnetic matrixes. Photon massagers are used together with vacuum chambers or acicular (needle-shaped) rollers as well as vacuum-acicular matrixes.

The apparatuses of the complex have a series of design and exploitation peculiarities:

·  matrix design (linear, flat, volumetric);

·  polychrome radiation (from  2 to 12 spectrum ranges);

·  absence of ultraviolet radiation;

·  wide selection of operation modes (continuous, modulated with a varying frequency, scanning);

·  minimum radiation losses;

·  possibility to be used by patients at home on their own;

·  possibility to equip specialized medical rooms (chromotherapy, gynaecology, urology, andrology, family doctor’s).

The 10 years of experience in exploiting the apparatuses of the complex in medical practice show that the Korobov “Barva-Terapevt” phototherapy apparatus complex makes it possible to:

·  efficiently (75-90%) treat and prevent the most wide-spread human diseases (influenza, stroke, myocardial infarction, hypertensia, hypotensia, tuberculosis, asthma, chronic obstructive lung diseases, osteochondrosis, neuralgia, stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, colpitis, salpingoophoritis, prostatitis, erectile disfunction etc)  without any negative side-effects and limitations in usage;

·  achieve a 2-3 times reduction of the terms for treating most of the human diseases;

·  increase the efficiency and reduce the negative side-effects of pharmaceuticals.

The apparatuses of the complex are characterized by high reliability, low cost, and short payback terms.

The Korobov “Barva-Terapevt” phototherapy apparatus complex is unique, it has no analogy in the world.

Phototherapy devices for treatment of lung tuberculosis and other human diseases

A.M. Korobov, V.A. Korobov

Scientific research institute of laser biology and laser medicine, Ukrainian «Laser and Health» Corporation


Dear Chairperson! Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! Dear Colleagues!

First of all I would like to express my gratitude to all of You and especially to Dr. Kalra for inviting Ukrainian specialists to Your conference and for the interest You take in the subject under our investigation.


I’d like to outline the results of the joint project pertaining to the design of the phototherapy devices to treat most widely spread human diseases, fulfiled by the Scientific Research Institute of Laser Biology and Laser Medicine and the Ukrainian «Laser and Health» Corporation. The seat of the above-mentioned organizations is Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Ukraine, the country I represent, has recently displayed to the whole world an intelligent and graceful way for the Good to combat and win the upper hand over the Evil both in politics and social domains.

Today I’d very much like to present to You the sources of bright and elegant struggle against human diseases, including TB, developed by my son Vsevolod and me who are citizens of Ukraine.

Ukrainian specialists have been applying lasers in medicine for more than 30 years already. Nowadays laser devices are in application in all clinics, policlinics, sanatorium and medical centers. Absolutely all patients undergo phototherapy in the most advanced health rehabilitative centers of various orientations. This is in no way accounted by the phototherapy being at present a trendy procedure. This can be put down to the fact that phototherapy has established its highest ever possible effectiveness not only as an auxiliary procedure but also as the principal one in many cases.


Specialists are fully aware of the fact that mere anti-tuberculosis medicines are not enough to effectively cure tuberculosis. Patients must undergo physiotherapy, make respiratory gymnastics and take medicines improving immune system.

Among all the physical factors used in physiotherapy light displays the most unique healing properties.

The famous Swiss physiotherapist A. Rikly said: "Air is good, water is better and light is the best!"

Light has been consciously used in human diseases treatment and prevention for more than 3500 years.

Before artificial sources of light appeared Humanity resorted to the Sun being a natural source of light. As soon as incandescent lamps, the first sources of light, emerged in 1869 they were immediately used for phototherapy.

As early as 1903 the Danish physiotherapist N. Finsen was awarded a Nobel Prise for treating human diseases, above all lupus erythematosus, i. e. cutaneous tuberculosis, by concentrated of beam of light. Besides the sunlight, Finsen used arc lamps invented by him.

Particular importance for developing phototherapy was the invention of lasers – the most unique sources of light late in the XX and early in XXI the centuries.

 Laser sources of light especially based on semiconductor lasers are simple and handy in application. They warranted the highest possible efficiency in the phototherapy and prevention of the most widely spread human diseases, including Lungs tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, myocardial infarction, insult.

Nowadays LED (light-emitting diode) being still more convenient and effective light sources are replacing lasers. We deem that devices based on LED will take priority in the physiotherapists’ arsenal in the forthcoming decades.

Why is phototherapy so attractive? What’s the cause for such a daring statement?

The principal arguments in favour of phototherapy are:

1. Visible and infrared spectrum light normalizes operation of the human organism regulatory systems (immune, endocrine, central nervous system).

The aforementioned fact allows us to state that phototherapy provides patient’s treatment on the whole and not that for a particular disease. That is the most preponderant argument favouring phototherapy.

2. Blood and lymph microcirculation in the area exposed to the radiation is activated under the impact of light.

 This leads to a more effective use of medicines as well as a decrease in their dosage.

3. Visible and infrared spectrum light produces anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous, healing and analgesic effects, normalizes arterial pressure, relieves pain syndromes.

4. Visible and infrared spectrum light increases energetic activity of the cellular membranes, triggers off regeneration process, increases the tissue oxygen absorption, develops the blood vessel and red corpuscle walls flexibility, stimulates the adenosine triphosphate formation in mitochondria which increases cellular bioenergetic potential.

5. Visible and infrared spectrum light possesses photoreactivating effect, reinstates torn double bonds in organic molecules

6. Visible and infrared spectrum light provides the prevention of oncologic diseases.

7. The phototherapy application in particular with the help of Barva devices twice or thrice reduces the treatment terms for the most widely spread diseases.

This fact stands for the weightiest economic argument that manifests itself in the quintuple investment pay-back, spent on the procurement of Barva-series, developed and produced by the «Laser and Health» Corporation.

The basic concept of the devices produced by Corporation is their matrix structure.

This allows to create devices with different radiating surfaces (ranging from several square centimeters to several square meters), with the power density remaining unaltered and exceeding therapeutic threshold.

Moreover, matrix structure enable to create devices with various radiating surfaces geometry including flexible surfaces.

Abiding by this provision secures the highest possible therapeutic  effectiveness of these devices.

Another important characteristic of these devices is that they are easy and quick to prepare for work, they are reliable in operation and have a long duration of work.

What is not less important is the possibility of working with a great number of patients/

It is worth nothing that almost all devices developed for lighttherapy can be used together with jther physical factors, such as magnetic fields, excessive or negative pressure.

It stands to reason that all the phototherapy devices are excellently compatible with medication.

Further, I’d like to tell you about the devices designed by us to be effectively used for Lungs tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma and other diseases treatment.

In the first place I’d like to introduce a device that goes under the name Barva-Flex Korobov Photon Matrix. We do believe, these devices can become a positive helpmate in treating Lungs tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma and other diseases. This is testified by our long-term experience of its application in treating the most widely-spread human diseases. In particular, in a number of cases we managed to cure pneumonia in five- through seven-day term without resorting to antibiotics. We obtain outstanding results in treating asthma and naturally Lungs tuberculosis.

 The principle constructive particularities of the device are the following:

1. Flexible base (medical rubber).

2. 24 light-emitting diodes arranged equidistantly.

3. Emittance power of each light diodes - 5 mW.

4. Visible and infrared radiation spectrum range.

5. Light field area is 8 cm x 12 cm ~ 100 cm2.

6. Supply voltage is 14 V.

7. Life time of light emitting diodes (not less than 10,000 hours). Garantee terms - 3 years.

Power supply is provided either with the adapter to which one matrix is connected up or with the block of control and power supply to which 2 matrixes are connected up. The block of control unit is supplied with the timer (up to 99 minutes) and ensures the performance of the device with the impulse flow frequency up to 99 Hz.

The most effective device for treating Lungs tuberculosis, pneumonia, asthma, myocardial infarction, insult is bichrome matrix with light diodes radiating in red (630-650 nm) and infrared (940-960 nm) spectrum ranges.

Infrared spectrum radiation penetrates into soft tissues as deep as 8-9 sm.

To supply synergetic effect the magnet matrix with the 24 ring constant magnets is supplemented to the photon matrix.

For the purposes of treating (tuberculosis) the device is set on the projection of the affected area for 5-15 minutes (depending on the number of burns), as well as on the area of cubital vein (5 – 10 minutes) and the thymus projection (thymus gland) – 3 – 5 minutes. This procedure is conducted on a daily basis twice a day.

With an eye to meet the hygiene requirements the device is placed in a polyethylene transparent packet. The packet is used but once.

To disinfect the spirit or other disinfecting means treatment is allowed.

Further, I’d like to present You the device which  we call Barva-Polichrom  non - ultraviolet polychrome matrices.

Analyzing tuberculosis epidemiological evidence we can claim that today not only the worse-off but also the well-off get infected with Lungs tuberculosis. What’s the cause? The main cause is the immune slackening. It receives large coverage in special literature and at this conference. The main causes of slackening are also obvious – social problems, stresses, chronic overstrain, alcohol- and drugs addiction, etc. Those were evident immune slackening factors.

We suggest supplementing the immune slackening factors with another no less important one – lack of  sunlight. Here belongs a risk group including people running small and middle business. This category of people works in cheap and often basement premises or the ones facing the North. These premises feature almost no sunlight. This results in depressions and consequently lead to immune slackening. We have leads even developed such an integrating term as «basement children syndrome».

To prevent and treat this syndrome we have developed non-ultraviolet polychrome matrices. We have tested their effect on ourselves in the North-facing premises, as well as in the children sanatorium located in the regions with a tiny number of sunny days per year and at the Ukrainian Antarctic station «Academic Vernadskiy» under Arctic night conditions.

The results were simply astounding.

The staff capacity for work has increased, the number of complaints of indisposition has fallen off, the fatigue has dropped.

The children at the sanatorium have practically done away with their influenza; the polar staff has stated decrease in depressions, their intensity and their duration.

We have designed several polychrome matrices modifications. As a rule they are 5-coloured matrices (red, yellow, green, blue and infrared radiation). However, by special orders we have also produced 12-coloured matrices. The devices allow obtaining monochrome radiation in stated spectrum ranges as well as any polychrome combination.

These matrices geometric dimensions also vary within a broad range – from ten of square centimeters (table variant) to several square meters.

Besides, polychrome matrices are perfectly combined with water (shower, bath, pool) as well as with music (colour-music pools).

Finally we’d like to present 2 types of massaging devices.

One of them we call Korobov Barva-LMK laser massaging device uses light effect and a spiked roller with the light sources (lasers or light emitting diodes) located inside a transparent roller. That’s why the light affects the very area under its influence and that of the spiked roller. The reflex irritation of the spiked roller supplemented with the light effects produces a powerful impact on the peripheral nerves and vessels.

As light sources some massaging devices use semiconductor lasers (5 units) radiating in a red-range spectrum. Other massaging devices are equipped with 25 light emitting diodes (5 units in 5 spectrum ranges).

Massaging devices of the other type are the ones using vacuum and light. This device combines classical medical jar massage with phototherapy. As light sources red and infrared light emitting diodes are used.

Under the effect of the vacuum the blood and lymph wave axis is created. By virtue of massage jar moving longitudinal blood and lymph wave is created. The light increases the massaging therapeutic effect.

Thus, we believe that The Laser and Health Corporation devices presented in the report can be effectively used in a complex treatment of Lungs tuberculosis infected patients.

Thank You for attention!

Thank You once again for the invitation to Your conference.


On my behalf I’d like to invite You to our XXIV International Scientific Theory and Practice Conference «Lasers application in Medicine and Biology». The conference will be held in one of the most fairy-like nooks in Ukraine  on the South Shore of the Crimea on the Black Sea in the first decade of October 2005. We’ll gladly organize the section of the «Phototherapy of Lungs Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases».


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